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By legislative action, t​​he FIRESCOPE Board of Directors and the Office of Emergency Services Fire and Rescue Service Advisory committee were consolidated into a working partnership on September 10, 1986. 

This consolidation represents all facets of local, rural, and me​tropolitan fire departments, CALFIRE, and federal fire agencies. 

This space is a offshoot of the Emerging Information Technology​ group under FIRESCOPE for dissemination​ of new and emerging technologies within Fire.​


Physical Parts of a computer system or
electronic device. The parts that you can
touch and feel including all peripherals.
Examples are your computer wiring, monitors, keyboards etc.​


A set of instructions, data or programs
used to operate computers and execute
specific tasks. Applications, scripts and


Where people fit and intersect into the
continum of technology. Based on the
human need to operate the systems.
Demo's, trainings and links​​​.

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