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​Emergency Medical Services Subcommittee

The FIRESCOPE Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Subcommittee has been established to develop procedures and policies based on the approval of the Task Force. The group will strive to produce products utilizing a best practice model, free of political or geographical bias, drawing upon the experience and knowledge experienced in the delivery of public service by all members in accordance with all FIRESCOPE policies and procedures.​

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2023 FIRESCOPE EMS Subcommittee Charterhttps://firescope.caloes.ca.gov/SiteCollectionDocuments/2023 FIRESCOPE EMS Subcommittee Charter.pdf2023 FIRESCOPE EMS Subcommittee Charter2023-02-23T08:00:00Z




 Plan of Work



2023 FIRESCOPE EMS Plan of Workhttps://firescope.caloes.ca.gov/SiteCollectionDocuments/2023 FIRESCOPE EMS Plan of Work.pdf2023 FIRESCOPE EMS Plan of Work2023-02-23T08:00:00Z

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