Technical Search and Rescue Charter

The FIRESCOPE Technical Search and Rescue Specialist Group is tasked with the responsibility to review, update and maintain minimum operational standards necessary to support the US&R discipline.


The Group is responsible to the Chairperson of the FIRESCOPE Task Force and will present the Chairperson with a single document for each project developed.

To review, update and maintain and develop as needed, the FIRESCOPE documents and products specific to the Technical Search and Rescue discipline.


Members are selected as subject matter experts representative of the California Fire Service from local, county, regional, state and federal agencies. Members have the responsibility to speak for their areas of representation in all matters relating to the Technical Search and Rescue discipline.


The chair will be responsible for managing the group to accomplish the identified plan of work in accordance with the FIRESCOPE Decision Process. The vice-chair will act in absence of the chair. The secretary will be responsible for insuring that the minutes and related documents are recorded and submitted to the Task Force.

The officers will be elected, from the membership, on an annual basis, by a vote of the members. The term will run from January 1st through December 31st.


Meetings will be held as necessary to accomplish the goals and objectives. Meetings will be held periodically, but at least annually, and not to conflict with Task Force meetings.

At the direction of the group, the chair will form subcommittees for specific tasks. The subcommittees may hold meetings to accomplish those tasks. The vice-chair will be the point of contact for these subcommittees who will report back to the group.

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