Roster and Biographies Roster and Biography/DispForm.aspx?ID=189Battalion Chief Santa Barbara County Fire Department 4410 Cathedral Oaks Road Santa Barbara, CA  93110<div class="ExternalClass0C0388D4833F4696BC14A4173C2E6F4D"><div>Safety Specialist Chair</div></div><div class="ExternalClassC3E34BF07DBE4B198887291159A531EF"><p></p><p>Chief Klusyk was hired by the Santa Barbara County Fire Department in January, 2000 as a Firefighter/Paramedic. He has held the positions of Firefighter/Paramedic, Engineer/Paramedic, Captain/Paramedic, and Training Captain. Prior to promotion to Battalion Chief, he was assigned as the Support Services Captain where he oversaw the SBCoFD fleet replacement program and the procurement of equipment and PPE. He is currently assigned to Battalion 2 in Los Alamos. </p><p>Chief Klusyk attended Thousand Oaks High School, Moorpark and Oxnard Colleges, and is currently working on completing his Bachelor's Degree at Liberty University. He completed Paramedic Training at Daniel Freeman Paramedic School in Inglewood and became a licensed Paramedic in 1996.</p><p>Chief Klusyk is a member of the Santa Barbara County Operational Area Type 3 Incident Management Team, the SBCoFD Apparatus and Equipment Committee, and the SBCoFD Communications Committee. He is qualified as a Strike Team Leader, Division/Group Supervisor, and Safety Officer and has responded to many large scale incidents throughout the state. He is also a Task Force Leader assigned to OES US&R RTF 12.</p><p>In December 2013, Chief Klusyk was chosen to replace Battalion Chief Anthony Stornetta on the FIRESCOPE Safety Specialist Group. He has served the SSG as a general member, Vice Chair, and has been the Chair since 2015. He considers it an honor to serve the firefighting community through FIRESCOPE and is committed to the safety of the firefighters we serve.​<br></p></div>mailto:m.klusyk@sbcfire.comMichael Klusyk Roster and Biography/DispForm.aspx?ID=185Battalion Chief Los Angeles City Fire Department 200 North Main Street Los Angeles, CA  90012<div class="ExternalClass95A9AF6926624A54B964D5111478E8A6"><div>Safety Specialist Vice Chair</div></div><div class="ExternalClass0ACB935B279C4B76AEE165B6BB78C48F"><p>​Fire Battalion Chief Donald Reyes joined the Los Angeles City Fire Department (LAFD) on May 13, 1984.  In his 38-year career, he has worked throughout the various geographical divisions of the LAFD, served as adjutant to the Department's emergency services commander, and commanded the Tactical Planning Section, including the Tactical EMS program.   </p><p>Chief Reyes has served in the ranks of: Firefighter, Apparatus Operator, Captain I, Captain II, and Battalion Chief. <br></p><p>Chief Reyes was a founding member of the LAFD Urban Search and Rescue (US&R) Task Force (CA-TF1) and Swiftwater Rescue Team. As a member of these teams, Chief Reyes has responded to the rescue efforts of manmade and natural disasters across California and the country, including multiple floods, hurricanes, and the terrorist attacks of 911 at the World Trade Center. <br></p><p>Chief Reyes has extensive experience developing Rope Rescue, Swiftwater Rescue, and US&R educational curriculum for both the state of California and on a national level. <br></p><p>​Chief Reyes has had the honor of serving on the FIRESCOPE Safety Specialist Group since 2010 and has served in the capacities of Chair and Vice-Chair.<br></p></div>mailto:Donald.Reyes@lacity.orgDonald Reyes Roster and Biography/DispForm.aspx?ID=200Battalion Chief Kern County Fire Department 5642 Victor Street Bakersfield, CA 93308<div class="ExternalClassB28FB484B81A43E2A44E0B3FA20E1CBD"> Kern County Fire Department<br><div>Secretary<br></div></div><div class="ExternalClass99A94C66B2B144B4B500B9F0AC152908"><p style="text-align:justify;">Battalion Chief Bucky Tucker joined the Kern County Fire Department on October 2, 2000 as a full time fire firefighter at the age of 28. Prior to that Chief Tucker worked as a manager for Wells Fargo Financial. Chief Tucker was promoted to the rank of Fire Battalion Chief on May 14, 2017. He is currently assigned to Battalion 4, on C shift.</p><p style="text-align:justify;">Chief Tucker attended Tehachapi High School in Tehachapi, California. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology and a minor in Psychology from the California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo, California. </p><p>Some of Chief Tucker's specialized training includes being qualified as a Hazardous Materials Specialist, Hazardous Materials IC, Assistant Safety Officer, Rescue Officer qualified (US&R), IC4, Strike Team Leader, and SOFR. These are a few of the things Chief Tucker has done to better serve the citizens of Kern County and be a mentor to those in fire service.</p><p>In December of 2020, Chief Tucker was selected by Deputy Chief Regan to fill a spot on the Firescope Safety Specialist Group. Being associated with such a prestigious organization is one of Chief Tucker's greatest honors. Working with a diverse group from federal, state, and local allied fire service agencies for the betterment of the fire service could not be any more honorable. </p><p>During his time away from work, Bucky enjoys spending time with his family, attending his children's sporting events, and golfing.<br></p></div>mailto: bturcker@kerncountyfire.orgBucky Tucker Roster and Biography/DispForm.aspx?ID=188Task Force Liaison Los Angeles City Fire Department 200 North Main Street Los Angeles, CA 90012<div class="ExternalClass2E0DA14765A84B3D9A6DF446CEC98931">Los Angeles City Fire Department </div>mailto: dean.zipperman@lacity.orgDean Zipperman Roster and Biography/DispForm.aspx?ID=191Battalion Chief Orange County Fire Authority 1 Fire Authority Road Irvine, CA  92602<div class="ExternalClassDA68BB0E41C44C6AB3FEBB66DF658B8A"><div>Safety Specialist<br></div></div><div class="ExternalClass7B8EB732748C40A1BE4B49CC882D2C8A"><p style="text-align:justify;">Fire Battalion Chief Mike Summers joined the Orange County Fire Authority (OCFA) on April 20, 2012 as part of the Santa Ana Fire Department annexation. He began his career with the Orange County Fire Authority in December of 1995 as a Paid-Call Hand Crew Firefighter. Chief Summers began his full-time career on November 5, 2000 when he was appointed to the Santa Ana Fire Department as a Firefighter. He was promoted to the rank of Fire Apparatus Engineer, Fire Captain, and ultimately Fire Battalion Chief on April 20, 2016.</p><p style="text-align:justify;">Chief Summers has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Fire Protection Administration with a Minor in Public Administration from California State University of Los Angeles, an Associates Degree in Fire Technology and General Studies from Santa Ana College, and is obtaining his Master's Degree in Business Administration with a minor in Public Administration from Columbia Southern University.</p><p style="text-align:justify;">Chief Summers has served as an Assistant Fire Training & Safety Officer, California Task Force 5 Technical Search Specialist, Orange County AHIMT team member, Public Information Officer, California Task Force 5 Task Force Leader, and is currently the OCFA Operations Training & Promotions Chief.</p><p>​Chief Summers was assigned to the Safety Specialist Group in June of 2018 upon OCFA's Chief Pokey Sanchez's promotion to Assistant Chief of Operations. He is honored to work alongside the professionals within FIRESCOPE's Safety Specialist Group.<br></p></div>mailto:michaelsummers@ocfa.orgMike Summers Roster and Biography/DispForm.aspx?ID=237Task Force Liaison Santa Barbara County Fire Department 4410 Cathedrals Oaks Road Santa Barbara, CA 93110<div class="ExternalClassD28FCC15AC8445DC9EC3600E984CFD1C">Santa Barbara County Fire Department </div>mailto: garrett.huff@sbcfire.comGarrett Huff Roster and Biography/DispForm.aspx?ID=192Battalion Chief Los Angeles County Fire Department 1320 North Eastern Ave Los Angeles, CA  90063<div class="ExternalClass2B594390E9374D65A816FA72D6E910BA"><div>Los Angeles County Fire Department</div></div><div class="ExternalClass6BC2C4AD3B7A4984AA8FFBD139D80A0D"><p>​Battalion Chief Alvin Brewer is a 20-year veteran of the Los Angeles County Fire Department. Throughout his career he has held positions as Firefighter, Paramedic, Hazardous Materials Technician, Petroleum Chemicals Inspector, Apparatus Operator, Captain, and his current rank Battalion Chief.<br></p><p>One of the highlights of Chief Brewer's career was his assignment as the Department Safety Officer, part of the Risk Management Division. </p><p>Chief Brewer has been a member of the FIRESCOPE Safety Specialist Group since 2017.<br></p><p><br></p></div>mailto:alvin.brewer@lacounty.govAlvin Brewer Roster and Biography/DispForm.aspx?ID=190Deputy Chief CAL FIRE 1416 Ninth Street Room 1653-1 Sacramento, CA  94244<div class="ExternalClassC148C19DD94E4FA9862241A96392714A"><div>CAL FIRE</div></div><div class="ExternalClass61EFD4435D6F4AA98DC88366E21B2AF3"><p>Baraka began his career in 1997 as a Seasonal Fire Firefighter in Madera-Mariposa-Merced Unit (MMU). In 2000, he promoted to LT Engineer in MMU assigned to Merced County Los Banos Station 71 and joined the Merced County Hazardous Material Team as a Hazmat Specialist. In 2001, he promoted to Permanent Engineer in Merced County at Gustine City station 74 in MMU.  <br></p><p>In 2004, he promoted to Fire Captain working at Mt. Bullion Camp in Mariposa Division until 2008 when he transferred to Los Banos B Station in MMU. In 2010, Baraka transferred to Ione Training Center, assigned to the COA Battalion. </p><p>In 2011 he promoted to Battalion Chief in San Benito Monterey Unit (BEU) overseeing the Bear Valley Battalion. In 2015, he transferred back to MMU, assigned to Merced County overseeing the Delhi Battalion 19. </p><p>In 2019, Baraka promoted to Deputy Chief in Sacramento, overseeing Safety and EMS for the Southern Region where he is currently assigned.  </p><p>Baraka was assigned to Incident Management Team 1 for 7 years functioning as the Team Safety Officer. In 2019, he moved into the Operations Section working as OPBD and is currently assigned to Incident Management Team 2 as an Incident Commander Trainee.</p><p>Baraka has completed S-420 as OPS, CIMC as Safety, and AAIM as Incident Commander and is the Cadre Lead for C-404 Safety Officer. <br></p></div> Carter Roster and Biography/DispForm.aspx?ID=194Battalion Chief Santa Clara County Fire Department 14700 Winchester Blvd Los Gatos, CA  95032<div class="ExternalClassC44D2AD2BF2A4BBFB20848FAD3A65AE7">Santa Clara County Fire Department</div><div class="ExternalClassE5893CA5ADD2470D91C02721E03984CE"><p>Chief Falarski was hired by the Santa Clara County Fire Department in October of 1994. Prior to that he was employed by the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (Cal Fire), as a seasonal firefighter for the summers of 1991 and 1992 and worked in the Santa Cruz/San Mateo Ranger Unit.</p><p>Chief Falarski attended Los Gatos High School, and Cabrillo College, and is currently working on completing his Bachelor's Degree at Waldorf College. Chief Falarski completed his Paramedic training at ETS in Santa Cruz, and became a licensed Paramedic for the State of California in 1993.<br></p><p>Chief Falarski has held the ranks of Firefighter/Engineer/Paramedic, Fire Captain, Battalion Chief, and Acting Deputy Chief. He has been a member of Special Operations, Public Education Bureau, Wildland Focus Group, and currently manages the Wildland Focus Group. Chief Falarski has served on various committees including apparatus and explorers.</p><p style="text-align:justify;">In December of 2018, Chief Falarski was selected by Fire Chief Bowden to replace Deputy Chief Daron Pisciotta on the FIRESCOPE Safety Specialist Group. This opportunity to serve in this role as a member of the Safety Specialist Group is an honor to be able to work with these individuals to help make the fire service a safer place.<br></p><p style="text-align:justify;">​Jason is married to his wife Michelle since 1998, and they have three children. During his time off, he enjoys traveling, outdoors, and can be found soccer field or baseball field somewhere in the state of California.<br></p><p><br></p></div>mailto:jason.falarski@sccfd.orgJason Falarski Roster and Biography/DispForm.aspx?ID=198Captain San Bernardino County Fire Department 35627 Rancho Road Yucaipa, CA  92399<div class="ExternalClass5B7A84DDC7114A63831C02FA92D6EB99"><div>San Bernardino County Fire Department</div></div><div class="ExternalClassDC6C8101214B494D933685754F040D30"><p style="text-align:justify;">​Jon Garber is a Fire Captain with San Bernardino County Fire District and is currently assigned to the Special Operations, EMS, and Safety Division as a Training Officer.</p><p>Jon served in the United States Marine Corps before starting his formal education to prepare him for the Fire Service. Jon was hired by Crest Forest Fire District in 1998 where he served 15 years and reached the rank of Division Chief. Jon became a Fire Captain for San Bernardino County Fire District in 2013.</p><p>In July of 2018, Jon was selected to replace retiring Battalion Chief Larry LaVogue, to serve on the FIRESCOPE Safety Specialist Group. Jon has a passion for firefighter safety and is proud to serve on the Safety Specialist Group with a group of such highly dedicated professionals.</p><p>Jon leads the Safety Officer Program for the San Bernardino County Fire District, is a State Fire Marshal's Office Certified Instructor, Fire Officer and has multiple qualifications in the California Incident Command Certification System (CICCS).</p><p>Jon's been married to his wife Stephanie for over 26 year and enjoys spending time with his three children, family and friends. Jon enjoys the outdoors to include camping, fishing and hiking.<br></p><p><br></p></div>mailto:jgarber@sbcfire.orgJon Garber Roster and Biography/DispForm.aspx?ID=196Battalion Chief Ventura County Fire Department 165 East Durley Ave Camarillo, CA  93010<div class="ExternalClass4191A74AC53945F3A9BBCF11171D7827"><div>Ventura County Fire Department</div></div><div class="ExternalClass6253E4ED17F1468282C899B1F72D7AE3"><p>​Chief Parker was hired by Ventura County Fire in 1995 at the age of twenty-four (24) after three years a reserve firefighter with Lompoc City and Santa Barbara County Fire Departments. He has served the citizens of Ventura County as, a Firefighter, Engineer, Engine Captain, Public Information Officer, Training Captain, EMS Battalion Chief, and as a field Battalion Chief.<br></p><p>Chief Parker grew up in Ventura and graduated from Ventura High School in 1988. After graduation, he attended Allan Hancock Junior College to pursue an AS in Fire Science. He currently is working towards completing a BS in Fire Management from Columbia Southern University.  </p><p>As a Firefighter and Engineer, and Captain, Chief Parker has been a member of the Departments US&R team. As a Fire Captain, he was assigned to the role of Department Public Information Officer and is nationally qualified as a Type II PIO. Chief Parker has spent 11 years as Type 1 Safety Officer with Cal Fire. He is currently pursuing qualification as a Type III Operations Section Chief.  </p><p> Being associated with the fire service is one of Chief Parker's greatest honors, where he works proudly alongside a talented group of fire service professionals. </p><p>During his time away from work, Chief Parker enjoys spending time with his family and friends.<br></p></div>mailto:barry.parker@ventura.orgBarry Parker Roster and Biography/DispForm.aspx?ID=277Alameda County Fire Department 6363 Clark Avenue​ Dublin, CA  94568​<div class="ExternalClass8B15D3AE14394D59A000F0E4541916B7"><p>​Alamenda County Fire Department<br></p></div>mailto: bradley.arganbright@acgov.orgBradley Arganbright