Training - Reviews/AAR

Training - Reviews/After Action Reports
2003 Governor's Blue Ribbon Fire Commision Report) (in .pdf format) Click Here
2003 California Fire Seige; "The Story" (in .pdf format) Click Here
2003 Fire Seige; Causes, Response and Recovery) (in .pdf format) Click Here
2003 Lessons Learned Report; Fire Storm "Old Fire" (in .pdf format) Click Here
2003 San Diego County Fire Seige; Fire Safety Review (in .pdf format) Click Here
2003 Ventura County Wildland Fire Siege Report (in .pdf format) Click Here
2005 Topanga Fire Narrative (in .pdf format) Click Here
2007 California Fire Siege An Overview (in .pdf format) Click Here
2007 After Action Report October Wildfires City of San Diego Response (in .pdf format) Click Here
2007 Santiago Fire After Action Report Santiago Fire (in .pdf format) Click Here
2007 California Fire Siege; After Action Presentation (in .Power Point format) Click Here
2009 Jesusita Fire Burnover - Lessons Learned" (in .pdf format) Click Here
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