The FIRESCOPE GIS Specialist Group was established to coordinate geospatial data, products, tools and services, and related research and development for California's emergency management community. Based on ongoing needs analyses, the group will facilitate development, maintenance, and access to standardized, consistent spatial databases designed to address various aspects of emergency management --planning, preparedness, response, and recovery. To increase the effectiveness of emergency response and environmental management, the Group will establish standards addressing scale, format, symbology, terminology, geospatial analysis techniques and methods including interoperability and distribution of geospatial products. The Group will provide recommendations on the training of GIS specialists and educate management about GIS capabilities. The Group will provide investigate and recommend methods and products for increasing organizational effectiveness and timely decision support. Finally, the Group will assess and meet the needs of both GIS technical staff and the final end users of GIS products.

The Group's efforts will create coordinated GIS solutions to meet emergency management needs, thus enhancing the ability of member agencies as well as FIRESCOPE to provide critical services.