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Each agency will be required to contact their Cal OES Region Assistant Chief (see map below) regarding their desire to establish a FIRESCOPE login account. Requests should be only be sent by the Department/Agency Chief, send your login request from your agency email account. Please include your agency's 3 letter ID, and the Name and Rank of the person submitting the information in the email. Please also include your Agency's Name and or MACS 3 Letter ID and "FIRESCOPE Login Request" in the Subject Line of your email. If you are requesting a login account that will be used to access the "F101 Vehicle Mileage" application as per OES Operations Bulletin #34, you must include the OES equipment number you will be reporting on within the body of your email.

Once we have verified your request as being valid, an account will be established for your agency and you will be provided with a Temporary Password which you can then change to one of your choice.

Turn around time: For requests received during normal business hours (8:am-5pm) Monday-Friday, Approved Login requests will normally be set up within 72 hours.

OES Assistant Chief Map
** NOTE: Only 1 Admin/CFRIS and Vehicle Mileage login account per fire agency/department will be issued. Unless they are members of a FIRESCOPE group, login accounts are not available to individuals. The restricted side of the FIRESCOPE Web site is only accessible by agency/departments and select individuals of the California, Arizona and Nevada Fire Service.
You can download a copy of the above map in Adobe Acrobat format by clicking here.
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